Meet Levi, Corissa, & Gunnar O’Steen

Levi & Corissa O’Steen felt led to start a small fruit stand in 2016. They come from a generation of farmers established in 1936, yet this was a different route to take. At first, those close to them thought they were crazy, however, O’Steens Market grew to what it is today and is continuing to grow. From humble beginnings to purchasing a large store in 2020, O’Steens Market is constantly expanding and raising the bar. They stay true to their roots sourcing 90% of their products from local farmers as well as their own farms. They have such a variety of items there’s definitely something for everyone. Farm fresh produce, Amish meats & cheeses. Rolls of all-natural butter, raw jersey cow milk, goat’s milk, raw honey, pantry items, spices, baked goods, & all-natural chips. Freshly baked bread from a local bakery, free-range chicken eggs, & duck eggs. They even grow some of their products using sustainable & environmental-friendly Aquaponics. Also, for the kids & the kids at heart, they offer all-natural sodas & candies! What began with fruits, veggies, & homemade jams has blossomed into a community staple. Even so, their vision doesn’t end there so stay connected with O’Steens Market & Farm.

The O’Steens were featured in the August issue of Ocala Style Magazine, check out the full article here.

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